Live Dealers Will Bring Online Casinos In Illinois To Life

Written By Matt Boecker on February 7, 2023
A live stream of a table dealer is another way online casinos can bring the retail gambling experience right to you anywhere in Illinois.

The legalization of Illinois online casinos, when that happens, promises to deliver a unique experience that replicates sitting in a brick and mortar casino.

When people think of iGaming, the first thing that comes to mind is the wide assortment of gaming options. Licensed gaming operators often boast a deep catalog of online slots and table games.

Most of the time, the experience is virtual and there’s no human interaction involved. But live dealer games are a nice change of pace from run of the mill IL online casino options.

Below, we’ll provide some background on live dealer games and explain what they bring to the iGaming experience.

What are live dealer games?

Live dealer games provide a special experience for bettors. In these game types, you view a live stream of a table dealer running a game for you and others. You can see the dealer, but they’re not able to see you.

This allows you to play traditional casino games with a dealer instead of playing automated games with graphics giving you prompts when it’s your turn to make a decision. Live dealers often use giant playing cards to ensure you’re able to decipher each number, color and suit on the table.

Some common game types run by live dealers include:

  • Baccarat
  • Blackjack
  • Three card poker
  • Roulette
  • Texas hold ‘em

Similar to retail casinos, iGaming live dealer tables are split up by game type and minimum amounts required to bet on each hand. Then, once you’ve joined a table, you’ll see a real person dealing cards and prompting you when it’s your turn to make a decision. On your screen will appear all your options on a given hand, and online casinos make it very user-friendly

Unlike brick and mortar casinos, you’re not able to speak to the live dealer. You can see and hear them, but the only communication you can provide is your decision regarding the table game.

Live Illinois online casino dealers bring an authentic casino feel

Live dealer games do an excellent job at bringing a retail casino feel to the comfort of your home, or wherever you choose to play. Playing automated online casino games can get mundane. So joining a live dealer game can reinvigorate the experience.

Many live dealer games even replicate the sounds you would hear in a retail casino to try and make it feel like you’re really sitting in a gaming hall.

Many automated online casino games run on random number generators, better known as an RNG. But not live dealer games. The outcome of each game is determined by luck and the decisions you make with each hand.

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