Gamblers On Your Nice List? Check Out These Gambling-Themed Gifts

Written By Robyn McNeil on December 9, 2022
a holiday gift list for the gamblers on your nice list

Deciding what to gift loved ones during the holidays can be a real challenge for those embracing the festivities.

If you’re like me, you want to gift something special, something they’ll love. Not a tchotchke that gathers dust before reappearing at the Sally Ann.

One way to avoid gifting clutter? Personalizing each gift. Concert tickets for the music fan, a new apron for the would-be chef or a hardcover for your book-obsessed friend.

Luckily, we’ve done the leg work for those of you with a gambler on your nice list. All you have to do is get inspired by our picks for some of the best gambling-related gifts of 2022.

PlayIllinois’ 2022 Holiday Gambling Gift Guide

A night* at the casino (cost: affordable to faaaancy)

These days, there’s a lot of talk about the benefit of gifting experiences over objects. For gambling or sports betting fans, that might mean an afternoon at the track or a night at the tables. *It could even mean a week-long indulgence at a luxury casino resort. How big you go is up to you (and your pocketbook).

Whether you treat your fave to a spin around a local Illinois casino or send them to the boardwalk (or strip), you’re sure to spark joy with an IRL casino experience.

Personalized poker set (cost: $60 – $200)

personalized poker set

The poker player on your list will love a customized poker set if they don’t have one already.

This one comes in black or brown leatherette (a realistic synthetic leather alternative) with gold or silver engraving. Inside is a set of 5 dice, 2 decks of cards, and 100 poker chips (blue, red, green, black).

You have many choices online if you want to spend a little more (or a little less) this holiday. But, whichever you go with, with a set under the tree, you’ll have a happy poker fan on Christmas morning.

Silver casino charm bracelet (cost: $50 – $150+)

Jewelry has long been a tried and true holiday gift.

In this case, a casino-themed charm bracelet is a meaningful gift for anyone who appreciates jewelry and gambling. This sweet stainless steel bracelet comes with delicate charms made of various metals. Charms include a heart, poker chips, a slot machine, a money sign, dice, a roulette wheel, a diamond and more.

Casino and gambling art prints (cost: $25 – $250+)

craps game art print

For the gambler who appreciates art or history, the world wide web offers a bevy of gambling or casino-related art prints.

This series from Crate Style offers a collection of hand-illustrated casino games celebrating casino culture. The art includes explanations and details of gameplay. As accurate as they are beautiful, the prints feature iconic table games that are still staples in nearly every casino.

Shut the box dice game (cost: $20 – $160)

Also known as Canoga, Shut the Box is a traditional English pub game. Variations in equipment and play are many, so locally played rules should apply if ever in doubt.

High-level, however, Shut the Box is a game of risk. Each player pays into a “pool,” and a winner collects their spoils at the end of each round. However, you needn’t wager with real money, so the game can be fun for the whole family (5+).

High-quality pine and velvety brown felt feature in this handcrafted version. Included are four 10-number boards, eight dice, and one set of instructions.

Casino and gambling ornaments (cost: $12 – $50)

slot machiine holiday ornament

A tree ornament is a great gift option for the more budget conscious. It’s an easy way to bring the excitement of the casino home during the holidays each year.

This delightful series by Kurt Adler’s Noble Gems are made from glass and glitter and include slot machines, casino chips, and dominoes. Dice, a roulette wheel, a fat stack and a royal flush get their time in the spotlight, too.

Wrap one up on its own, or put it in a Christmas sock and gift the magic of the season to your favorite casino fan.

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