Which Online Casino Games Could Be Coming To Illinois?

Written By Jake Garza on July 7, 2022 - Last Updated on November 3, 2022
Which online casino games will come to Illinois

Illinois will be overflowing with online casino options if the state legalizes iGaming in 2023.

All sorts of traditional casino options would become available for gamblers around the state. That would include games like slot machines, blackjack, roulette and poker.

Plenty of online casino options

At least for now, there are no legal online casinos in Illinois. However, that could be changing in the near future.

Lawmakers will attempt to legalize iGaming next year, so it’s worth taking a glance at what internet gambling in Illinois could look like.

First and foremost, there will likely be plenty of online casinos to pick from. Just take Michigan’s market as an example.

It’s only been about a year and a half since Michigan started taking wagers, and there are already 15 different online casinos for gamblers to pick from.

That level of competition is a win for casino bettors in the state. Generally speaking, the more competition, the more deals and promotions that become available for gamblers in the market.

Illinois could find itself in a similar situation if the state’s push to legalize online casinos goes well next year.

Many of the gambling companies that offer sports betting would also be able to open up the casino sides of their business.

In other words, Illinois gamblers will find a lot of familiar brands like Caesars and DraftKings offering casino gaming. Most of those companies would offer the full slate of online casino options.

Online slots and blackjack in Illinois

Online slot machines are a big part of the iGaming business. If Illinois legalizes online casinos next year, then gamblers in the state will have all sorts of internet slots to pick from.

A single online casino can potentially host hundreds of different slot games, so with multiple companies taking bets, Illinois gamblers could end up with an incredible number of options.

Many online slots mirror their in-person counterparts from traditional casinos. Basically, if there’s a particular slot machine you love at your local casino, then you’ll probably be able to find something similar at an internet casino in Illinois.

The other side of the potential business is table games.

Any online casino bill in Illinois will include classic games like blackjack and roulette.

The popularity of these games would only help bolster the market. Illinois online casinos would be incredibly profitable, and table games are a huge part of the potential.

Illinois online poker

Online poker in Illinois could end up being a sticking point next year. Legalizing internet poker can be more complicated compared to the rest of the online casino options.

Poker comes with its own set of rules and regulations that need to be tackled individually. Because of those extra hoops to jump through, Illinois could opt to bring games like blackjack into the fold before tackling poker on its own.

Since 2023 is still a ways away, there’s no way to know for sure if lawmakers will include poker as part of their online casino push next year.

Online poker would be a huge addition to the Illinois market. It’s an incredibly popular game that many gamblers would love to be able to play online legally.

Things might finally change next year, but at least for now, Illinois residents will have to play poker at nearby casinos.

The same goes for other casino options in the state. If Illinois legalizes iGaming next year, then playing slot machines, blackjack and poker online will become commonplace almost immediately.

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