ROCK’N Vodka, a Viral Sensation Now Featured at Hard Rock Rockford

Written By Play Illinois Editorial Team on March 18, 2022
ROCK’N Vodka

ROCK’N Vodka, an aptly named drink that you can enjoy on the rocks at the Hard Rock Casino in Rockford, Illinois, has gone viral.

The concoction was dreamed up pre-pandemic by Andy Roinotis and Denny Trakas, owners of RBI Brunch Bar in Rockford. They later teamed up with Rock and Roll Hall of Fame legend Rick Nielsen to play the role of brand ambassador.

Nielson, best known as the lead guitarist and primary songwriter of the American rock band Cheap Trick, is an Illinois native and the face of the new Hard Rock Rockford Casino.

What makes ROCK’N Vodka unique?

While there are thousands of vodka brands globally, there are only about 38 that are made with sugarcane.

According to the creators, sugarcane is unique in that it provides a complex flavor profile that produces a smooth, sweet, and easy finish. Roinotis and Trakas were looking for something different, and what they came up with was a drink that could act as an alternative to all of the sugary, calorie-loaded cocktails out there.

While you can mix ROCK’N Vodka to create a cocktail of your choice, it can also be enjoyed on its own. ROCK’N Vodka is also non-GMO, gluten-free, and bottled locally nearby at Rush Creek Distillery Harvard.

Where to find it

Aside from being offered at its birthplace, the RBI Brunch Bar, and at the Hard Rock Rockford Casino, ROCK’N Vodka is also currently sold in Canada, six states across the United States, and all 161 Walmart locations in Illinois.

Cofounder Roinotis says that because of the popularity of the vodka, he has sold four of his other restaurants to create more time to build the brand.

Celebrities taking notice

Not only is Rock and Roll Hall of Fame legend Rick Nielsen on board, but a host of other well-known celebrities have also gravitated toward the brand.

ROCK’N Vodka has teamed up with NASCAR driver Josh Bilicki and Bellator MMA fighter Corey Anderson, both sponsored by the brand.

The spirit has also been shouted out by Van Halen legend Sammy Hagar, former Alice Cooper guitarist Ryan Roxie, and even celebrity chef Rachael Ray.

The Rockford spirit has also won its share of awards already, including double gold from the New York International Spirits Competition and silver from the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

A fitting addition to the new Hard Rock Casino

It seems only natural that the rock and roll-themed vodka would be featured at the new and highly anticipated Hard Rock Rockford Casino.

The new Illinois casino, dubbed “A Hard Rock Opening Act,” is a 37,000-square-foot gambling establishment that will be in place for the next two years while the permanent location is constructed at the city’s former Clock Tower site.

Having an award-winning local vodka featured at the casino should bring in more visitors, gives the city of Rockford another point of pride, and adds to the rich cultural heritage of the area.

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